Ursula’s Return Championship Playmat Reveal

Are you ready for the next set championship? Here’s some motivation!

Adding to the excitement of the Ursula’s Return card reveals, Richelle from Team Lorcana has just shared the next set championship playmat design!

The playmat’s design looks to be inspired by the entire theme of Ursula’s Return, where the 3 Illumineers are getting ready to face off against Ursula, the main antagonist for the past few sets!

Details are not yet available for how to obtain this mat but we anticipate it to be similar to the recently completed Into the Inklands Championship where there will be a series of store events for everyone to play in and the champion of each event gets to walk away with this lovely specimen of a mat.

The mats will be given out with the Ursula – Sea Witch Queen promo card which was recently confirmed to be the next set championship promo!

The competitive circuit is definitely heating up as we get the next set championship confirmed, along with the first Challenge events coming up in 2 weeks!

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