Into the Inklands Championship Further Details

We got more details for the Into the Inklands Championship with player numbers, prizes and more information!

The Into the Inklands event instructions are out on the official site’s resources page, first shared by Eric from The Gamer earlier today, which provides us with more information of the Set Championship for Into the Inklands!

The Into the Inklands Championship are confirmed for April 19 ~ 28, and stores are able to apply to host the event starting today.

Stores have started to apply for the event, just like Dragon’s Hoard shown here, and will receive confirmation on March 23 if they will be approved to run the event.

All stores that are confirmed for running will receive a Into the Inklands Championship Kit which contains the following:

  • 1 Champion Into the Inklands Playmat
  • 1 Runner-up Into the Inklands Playmat
  • 4 Alternate art Stitch – Rock Star Promo cards
  • The following info sheet


The Into the Inklands Championship require eight players to be present, where all of them must have tournament legal decks and must play at least one full round.

Failing to meet these requirements, the events must be cancelled, and the kit returned to Ravensburger.


The following prizes are to be awarded to the players.


  • 1 Store Champion Playmat
  • 1 Stitch – Rock Star promo card


  • 1 Stitch – Rock Star Playmat (non-champion version)
  • 1 Stitch – Rock Star promo card

Third and Fourth place finishers each receive:

  • 1 Stitch – Rock Star promo card

Prizes must be awarded as per the details above. Addition prizes are encouraged, though not required, though they must be published prior to the event and announced at the beginning of the event. Cash prizes are also not allowed.

Tournament Format

  • Format: Core (Constructed)
  • Rounds: 50 minutes, best of three games (Top Cut matches are untimed)
  • Structure: Swiss Rounds and possible Top Cut, depending on attendance

Number of rounds / top cut shown in image above


Judges are required for the event and the judge cannot play in the event. Stores must provide a person experienced in judging trading card game events and who is playing the Disney Lorcana TCG. Certified judges are preferred though not required.

Based on the above, it appears that the judge program for the Disney Lorcana TCG may not be ready in time for the Into the Inklands Championship as this event only requires you judges who are experienced in judging TCGs in general, and there is no mention of an official Disney Lorcana judge certification at this time.

Aside from the set championships, Disney Lorcana Challenges are due to begin in May 2024 which award invites to the North American and European Championships. More details for this event are due in March 2024.

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