How Location Cards work

We now know everything about the brand new card type and how they work!!

The Q&A session for Location cards is over and we got how everything works!

Location card properties

First up, let’s go over what each icon on the card signifies!

Card Cost: Cost to play the card from your hand

Move Cost: Cost to move a character to the location

Willpower: The Location’s Willpower

  • Locations have willpower that can be challenged by your opponents. They come into play horizontally to also indicate that they can be challenged by your opponent.
  • Once they receive damage counters equal to or more than their willpower, they are banished.
  • Location cards do not have Strength.

Lore: The Location’s Lore

  • Location cards have Lore. During the Set step of your Beginning Phase, you gain the amount of Lore that the location has, regardless of if a character is at the location or not.
  • You do not need to exert the Location card to gain Lore.

How to use Location cards

When location cards are played, they come into play horizontally. Location cards do not exert nor ready.

Regarding character movement

  • To move a character into a location, pay the move cost to move a character into the location.
  • Characters can move to a location on the turn that they are played. They do not have to be “dry”.
  • Characters can only be in one location.
  • Once a character enters a location, they cannot leave the location, unless it is to enter another location.
  • Characters may move between different locations (but may not move to the same location that they are currently already in.
  • If a location card is banished, all the characters in the characters fall out of the location with no other changes.

There is no limit to the number of characters in a location.

Only your character cards can move to your locations. Your opponent’s character cannot move to your locations.

You may play any amount of a location card you want, they are not unique in the playing area.

Location cards follow the same deck building rules where you can only play 4 copies of a location card and they must be 1 of the 2 inks that you used to build the deck.

Card Interactions

There is no benefit / demerit to having a character move to a location, unless an ability specifically states so, such as Peter Pan – Lost Boy Leader.

Bodyguard only protects your other characters from being challenged.

Be Prepared only banishes all characters in play. Your location cards stay in play.

Currently all cards that remove damage counters state that they can only do so for characters. There are no ways to remove damage from a location card (for now).

Reckless characters must challenge a location card if it is the only valid target to be challenged.

Cards that specify Characters in their abilities do not affect and cannot choose location cards.

For a visual guide on how to play Location cards, check out the video below!

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