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Date Tournament Deck Owner Placement Format Inks
2023-12-03Ludotrotter CupAmethyst / RubyThomas Nonnez1st placeCore Constructed
2023-12-03Ludotrotter CupAmethyst / RubyKevin Massy2nd placeCore Constructed
2023-12-03Ludotrotter CupAmber / SteelMattheo BraultTop 4Core Constructed
2023-12-03Ludotrotter CupAmber / SteelRobin HalayTop 4Core Constructed
2023-12-03Ludotrotter CupAmethyst / RubyNicolas MaldonadoTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-03Ludotrotter CupAmethyst / RubyThomas RousseauTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-03Ludotrotter CupRuby / SapphireLucas ThibaultTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-03Ludotrotter CupAmethyst / Ruby AggroWilliam LequeutreTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-02PAX Unplugged ConstructedSteelSongDave Pendergrass1st placeCore Constructed
2023-12-02PAX Unplugged ConstructedThe GoodsSteve Silverman (JuiceMarc)2nd placeCore Constructed
2023-12-02PAX Unplugged ConstructedRuby Amethyst BounceBlueDerpyTurtleTop 4Core Constructed
2023-12-02PAX Unplugged ConstructedMidnightsSINatraTop 4Core Constructed
2023-12-02PAX Unplugged ConstructedThe GoodsMark BenjimamTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-02PAX Unplugged ConstructedUnplugged TempokylermcgintyTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-02PAX Unplugged ConstructedBounce ControlThe Forbidden Mountain - ScottTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-02PAX Unplugged ConstructedItemsToby NataleTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-02PPG GalaxyCon 2kGOATCaitlyn Calorel1st placeCore Constructed
2023-12-02PPG GalaxyCon 2kThe WizardDusty Hostutler2nd placeCore Constructed
2023-12-02PPG GalaxyCon 2kControlTrenton HostutlerTop 4Core Constructed
2023-12-02PPG GalaxyCon 2kPooPooPeePeeTyler NicolaTop 4Core Constructed
2023-12-02PPG GalaxyCon 2kHyper AGGGRoLogan TaylorTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-02PPG GalaxyCon 2kAmber Steel SongBrandon MickTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-02PPG GalaxyCon 2kRP Bounce ControlMatthew CampoTop 8Core Constructed
2023-12-02PPG GalaxyCon 2kpaw pawMatthew BeemanTop 8Core Constructed
2023-11-25Imperial's Quest for the LoreRuby / SapphireRyan Ticino1st placeCore Constructed
2023-11-25Imperial's Quest for the LoreBounce deck tempoKyle Donoghue2nd placeCore Constructed
2023-11-25Imperial's Quest for the LoreAmber / SteelRJ RichardsonTop 4Core Constructed
2023-11-25Imperial's Quest for the LoreNo Touchy!John BarlettaTop 4Core Constructed
2023-11-25Imperial's Quest for the LoreEmerald / SapphireDom OnofreoTop 8Core Constructed
2023-11-25Imperial's Quest for the LorePawpsicle ControlMatt SteneriTop 8Core Constructed