The First Chapter Restock Arrives with Packaging and Errata Updates

Restock for The First Chapter is finally hitting North America and it comes with stronger packaging and updated cards!

Illumineers like Shazbott are reporting that restock of The First Chapter are starting to hit stores!

Last week, Ravensburger had announced on social media that restock for The First Chapter would be arriving in North America starting this week, and stores have reported getting news that restock was due to arrive soon.

Shazbott from Orlando, Florida has reported that the restocks have indeed arrived in a LGS near him! (Shown above)

At first glance, tape has been added to the sides of the booster boxes, similar to the tape we have seen on the Rise of the Floodborn booster box displayed at conventions.

This tape is a great way to seal the booster boxes further, while making it tougher for flippers from removing packs from the booster boxes.

A look at the bottom of the booster box shows that same tape in the middle of the booster box as well. These tape additions would help to secure the box further from collapsing in the middle after it is opened.

There is also some difference in the code printed on the booster box. The old version shown here includes a 6 digit code, which is presumably the printing date, following by CM2, while the new box here shows a 4 digit code followed by CM1.

Do note that in a separate video posted by Arithon Hanzo where he shows off a restock booster box, it also shows a 4 digit code, followed by CM2, so CM1 / 2 is not an indication of the print.

This restock is also confirmed to include errata changes for the cards, even though previously Disney Lorcana mentioned errata updates coming only in the context of reprints.

Heihei – Boat Snack here shows the updated text “another chosen character”, while the original print only stated “chosen character”.

At the time of post, it is unclear whether the other errata cards such as Befuddle and Work Together will also be fixed in this restock.

Check out this list for a full list of all errata changes made to cards.

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