Fan Events, Competitive Circuits & Reprint Schedule

Lots of exciting news for everyone interested to participate in more events or just find more product!

Together in the same post with the 3 new promotional cards, Disney Lorcana also announced information about an official competitive circuit, restock reprint schedule and more.

Product Restock and Reprint

The previously mentioned October restock is finally coming to folks in North America, starting next week.

In addition, reprint of The First Chapter booster and starter, previously set for holidays 2023, will also begin shipping in mid-November in North America. Incidentally, Rise of the Floodborn also releases on November 17 in LGS so this puts the reprint to be pretty close to it.

Disney Lorcana also confirmed that there will not be any marks to differentiate the original release and this reprint print run. Errata fixes will be made, but otherwise there will not be any other differentiating factors. Check out this link for all the erratas we currently have.

Fan Events & Competitive Circuit

Events wise, Disney Lorcana announced that starting from Q2 2024, there will be 2 separate set of events, namely official fan events and an official competitive circuit!

Fan events are described as “a way for Disney fans to come together to share their love of Disney Lorcana even if they may not necessarily play the game.”, which sound like this could be a gathering activity for collectors to trade cards and pins to complete their collection.

For the players with a competitive spirit, competitive events will be the “premiere place for Disney Lorcana TCG players to prove themselves.”, with exclusives expected at these events. More details for this will be shared this coming January 2024.

Team Lorcana has shared further that there will be both promo cards and accessories available specially for these fan and competitive events, but the promo cards will not be mechanically unique, following the current trend where all promo cards so far are available from the products themselves.

Many exciting things are coming soon, with products being made more available soon and exciting events happening in 2024! We will update you on these as they happen so stay tuned to Mushu Report for the latest Lorcana news.

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