Rise of the Floodborn: Product Images and Card Names

Madam Mim and new versions of Kronk and Flynn Rider? Yes please!

The Big Christmas Press Show in the UK was just held yesterday and illustrator Matthew Robert Davies himself was on site to get a video of the new Rise of the Floodborn products! Here are the screenshots showing the goods!

We get a look at the back of the Disney 100 Collector’s Set where more background information is shared for those who are unfamiliar with the 6 illustrators of the collector cards included in the set!

Here are the writeups for each card.

Mickey Mouse – Friendly Face by Mark Henn
Legendary animator Mark Henn started as an in-betweener on The Fox and the Hound and went on to supervise the animation of some of Disney most beloved princesses and heroes, including Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, and Tiana.

Elsa – Gloves Off by Brittney Lee
Visual development artist Brittney Lee has worked on hit films including Frozen, Frozen 2, Wreck-It Ralph, and Zootopia. For the Frozen films, Lee focused on the now-iconic cast of characters, helping to design costumes and hairstyles as well as the interior of Elsa’a extraordinary ice palace.

Genie – Powers Unleashed by Eric Goldberg
Animator and director Eric Goldberg is renowned for his role in creating and supervising the animation of the Genie character for Aladdin and for directing Pocahontas and the “Rhapsody in Blue” and “Carnival of the Animals” sequences for Fantasia/2000, along with numerous other achievements.

Stitch – Abomination by Alex Kupershmidt
Alex Kupershmidt was the supervising animator for Stitch, with a career that began with The Rescuers Down Under. He has contributed to many of Disney Animation’s most beloved films, most recently as technical animation 2D lead on Raya and the Last Dragon, Frozen 2, and Strange World.

Maleficent – Uninvited by Lorelay Bové
Visual development artist Lorelay Bové has worked on several award-winning films including Big Hero 6 and Zootopia as well as Encanto, on which she served as associate production designer. Bové has also done illustrations for several books, galleries and Walt Disney Records’ Legacy Collection.

Maui – Demigod by Bill Schwab
Bill Schwab has led the character design team for hit films including Moana, Frozen 2, and Wish. Schwab has also worked on Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia, and Tangled and received an Emmy for his work on Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice.

A look at the actual Rise of the Floodborn booster packs!

The back of the sleeved booster pack for Rise of the Floodborn, which shows a 1 Ink Emerald version of Flynn Rider and another Amethyst card.

The physical Rise of the Floodborn Starter Decks

The back of the Amethyst / Steel starter deck mentions 2 other cards!

  • Madam Mim – Fox (Amethyst)
  • Kronk – Junior Chipmunk (Steel)

The back of the Amber / Sapphire starter deck is less clear but is believed to state the inclusion of

  • Judy Hopps – Optimistic Officer
  • Seven Dwarfs

Take note that the names are unclear for these. Also it looks to be written as “the Seven Dwarfs” which does not look to be a card name but rather a group of cards

In addition, we also get a look at the Rise of the Floodoborn Illumineer’s Trove!

The back of the Trove shows that Raya – Warrior of Kumandra and Cinderella – Stouthearted are the cards featured on the deck boxes included in the Trove.

The contents of the Trove are also confirmed to be similar to the version from The First Chapter, including a similar player’s guide for Rise of the Floodborn!

The images above are taken from the Instagram reel below


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