Melee Updates with Two-Game Match Format

Now everyone can try out Two-Game Matches with confirmation on the amount of points you get per win!

Melee has just posted a new update, with Two-Game Match format introduced to Melee for Disney Lorcana events! Here are the details!

New Two-Game Match Format for Disney Lorcana

Implementation of Match and Standings Models:

We have leveraged our newly updated match and standings models to support two-game matches for Disney Lorcana. These matches adhere to specialized match rules and utilize tiebreaker algorithms designed according to Ravensburger’s specifications.

Match Compatibility:

Please note, two-game matches are distinct from other match types such as Best of Three and cannot be combined with them. This is due to incompatible standings tiebreakers. However, in playoff phases where only rankings are required—not standings—these matches are fully compatible.

Updated Match Result Submission:

We’ve updated the system to accommodate the submission of results specifically for two-game matches, streamlining the process and ensuring accuracy in standings and rankings.

Extract from Melee

With this update, tournament organizers can now run two-game match format events via Melee, and it even includes tiebreaker systems set according to Ravensburger’s specs!

With regards to match compatibility, the statement there may cause some confusion, but it simply means that organizers cannot combine results from Best of Three format events with Two-Game Match format events and get combined standings that way.

Point System

Based on an update from the Melee documents, we also have clearer information on how points are given out, more details are as follows.

Player/TeamsWinsPlayer/TeamsWinsDisplayed ResultPlayer A PointsPlayer B Points
Player A2Player B0[Player A] won 2-0-070
Player A1Player B11-1-0 Draw33
Player A1Player B0[Player A] won 1-0-130
Player A0Player B00-0-1 Draw00
Intentional Draw0-0-2 Draw00

Simply put, you earn 3 points per game, and you earn an extra point if you win the match, though there are situations where for example due to time, a player who wins a match with only 1 win will only receive 3 points.

On an extremely important note, intentional draws are allowed, but they are worth 0 points to both players. This will definitely affect decisions made by players especially during the final Swiss round.


Tiebreakers are also detailed as follows:

Tiebreaker #1: Total Game Wins

The total number of games won by a player/team. 


If Player A won both games, the end result for Tiebreaker #1 would be:

  • Player A: 2
  • Player B: 0

Tiebreaker #2: Opponent Match Point Percentage

The total number of match points earned by the player/team’s opponent’s divided by the total number of opponents divided by the total number of possible earned points by the player/team’s opponent’s. 


After five (5) rounds of play, Player A’s opponents status in the tournament are as followed:

  • Opponent #1 (Active): 23 Match Points
  • Opponent #2 (Dropped after Round 3): 3 Points
  • Opponent #3 (Active): 13 Points
  • Opponent #4 (Active): 20 Points
  • Opponent #5 (Active): 27 Points

Opponent’s 1, 3, 4, and 5 have participated in all five rounds while Opponent #2 dropped after round 3. This would result in the equation being as followed: 

(23 + 3 + 13 + 20 + 27) / 5 / (35 + 21 + 35 + 35 + 35) = 0.1068 or 10.68%

Tiebreaker #3: Total Game #2 Wins

The total number of the second game’s won in each match. 


If Player A won game #1 and Player B won game #2, the end result for Tiebreaker #3 would be:

  • Player A: 0
  • Player B: 1

Organizers and judges will be able to see which games were won by which players on Melee, by checking out each match in the match tab.


Players who are awarded Byes will receive:

  • Points: 7
  • Tiebreaker #1: 2 Games Won
  • Tiebreaker #2: No Impact
  • Tiebreaker #3: 1 Game #2 Won


With some help from my friendly local LGS Hideout, we ran a test tournament to see how the points would look like! Here is a look!

This Two-Game Match format will be used for the upcoming Disney Lorcana Challenge, starting with the Atlanta, USA and Lille, France Challenge events that happen next week, and this will be exciting to see especially since the player cap for both events were increased to above 2,000, making these the biggest events yet! Are you ready for this new tournament system?

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