Illumineer’s Trove – All content pictures

We finally get a good look at everything that is included inside the Illumineer’s Trove and it looks pretty good!


The top, front and right side view of the included full-art storage box featuring

Top side: Maleficent, Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor, Elsa – Snow Queen
Front side: Aurora – Dreaming Guardian, Simba
Right side: Moana

Back view of the full-art storage box featuring Cruella De Vil – Miserable As Usual and Sorcerer Mickey

Left view of the full-art storage box featuring Aladdin

The 2 deck boxes featuring Aurora – Dreaming Guardian and Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor

The sides of the deck boxes also feature Aladdin and Cruella De Vil – Miserable As Usual

The Players Guide included which is a “50+ page, full-color player’s guide printed on thick and glossy paper with art from the game, deckbuilding tips, game strategies, powerful card combinations direct from the design team, a checklist for keeping track of collected cards, and a visual guide to Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter”

The 15 damage counters included inside which appear to have denominations of -1 and -3 indicated.

Also included in the Illumineer’s Trove are 8 The First Chapter booster packs.

An image of the back of the Illumineer’s Trove is also here showing the full contents of the Trove.

You may wish to check out this post for details on all “The First Chapter” products.

Source from Disney Lorcana Twitter

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