Comprehensive Rules Updated

The Lorcana Comprehensive Rules document has received an update, just before the Into the Inklands Championship begin! Time to do some reading!

The Comprehensive Rules document on the Disney Lorcana Resource page received an update yesterday, just in time for the Into the Inklands Championship events which commence this weekend, with these changes effective right away!

Here are the changes to take note for the document.

General Updates

Changes to text are made in red while moved text are in purple.

Additional examples and further definition, such as Game State Check conditions, Turn Actions and more.

More details added to card layout with further definitions.

Added in timing for when cost reducing type abilities kick in when using an ability.

Definitions of Public and Private zones.

Adding of a glossary for players to reference when reading the comprehensive rules.

“And” ability ruling update

Abilities that have multiple parts (E.g. [A] and [B]) has been updated with a change to how it resolves.

The previous version states: [A] and [B]
Both effects must be resolved. If one effect can’t resolve for any reason, neither effect

The new version now however states: [A] and [B]
Resolve all effects as much as possible, even if some of the effects can’t be resolved or
“and” seems to tie the effects together as though the wording were [A] to [B]. Sometimes “and” simply
serves its normal grammatical purpose.

The ruling for The Queen – Commanding Presence was previously set that you must be able to choose an opponent’s character to get -4 strength, in order to be able to give another chosen character +4 strength. Currently, this ruling can still be found in the companion app as well.

However, the comprehensive rules document uses the same card as an example of how to interpret abilities with “and” included.

Example: A: The Queen – Commanding Presence’s ability Who is the Fairest? reads, “Whenever this
character quests, chosen opposing character gets -4 strength this turn and chosen character gets +4 strength this turn.” If the opponent doesn’t have a character in play that can be chosen for the first part of this effect, the active player still gives a chosen character +4 strength.

With the comprehensive rules document being the most recent, this ruling will be considered to be the most updated and it has been updated into the wiki.

These are the bigger changes to note from this latest comprehensive rules document. Aside from the way “and” abilities are handled, there should be no major changes to anyone who is familiar with playing Lorcana.

That said with the Into the Inklands Championship weekends coming up where alternate art Stitch – Rock Star playmat and promo cards are up for prizes, we recommend all participating players and judges to take a look at the updated document. With that said, good luck to everyone participating!

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