Into the Inklands Championship: Find One Closest to You

Had trouble finding a Into the Inklands Championship event to take part in? The Melee team has you covered!

Brad Nelson of the Melee team made a post earlier today on the Disney Lorcana TCG Facebook group, sharing that they are aware that it is challenging to find tournaments on at the moment, and that improvements are being made.

However, they understand that many players are looking for Into the Inklands Championship events that they can participate in. With that in mind, he has made a custom google map that will help everyone locate an Into the Inklands Championships event near you!

According to Brad, this map displays every “Into the Inklands Championship that is currently published on Melee with the required name stores were instructed to use when creating the tournaments”, which means that some stores which did not use the accurate name were not included. However, Brad also seems to be actively discussing with the Melee team to get stores which did not use the proper names included which is extremely useful.

As of this post, there are over 1,500 Into the Inklands Championship events listed in the map, with the map stating that this list is complete as of April 6th, 2024. With this tool, hopefully it becomes much easier for everyone to participate in the Into the Inklands Championship which starts on April 19th and will last till April 28th!

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