Ursula’s Return OP Kit Pictures

Ursula’s Return OP Kit is starting to arriving in stores, and we are getting to see the contents for the first time!

Board At Home Gaming has released a video sharing the contents of the OP Kit, check it out below!

Everything included

At a glance, the Ursula’s Return OP Kit includes

Closer look

Pins included in the OP Kit

Deck boxes and Lore counter included

Note: It appears that the Deck boxes have replaced the sleeves that we got for set 3’s OP Kit

It is pretty interesting that they have chosen to only use set 3 artwork for the OP kit pins and deck boxes. This reminds me of how the accessories that are sold alongside Ursula’s Return also features artwork from the past sets.

Including the accessories, all the characters featured come from Amber, Amethyst, and Steel, 3 inks that are also part of the Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble player decks. Could there be any relation? Only time will tell!

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