Into the Inklands OP Kit pictures

Product and the OP Kit for Into the Inklands are arriving in stores, and we get our first look at the Dalmatian Puppies sleeves!

We are getting our first look at the Into the Inklands physical product and OP Kit contents thanks to these pictures by Andrew Gonzalez from the Lorcana TCG Facebook group!

Into the Inklands OP Kits have started arriving in stores, giving us our first look at the contents, including the Dalmatian Puppy – Tail Wagger sleeves! There are 5 different designs for the Dalmatian Puppy – Tail Wagger card and the sleeves look to be based on the 4a version. All 5 versions can be seen in the wiki page linked above.

Each OP Kit will only contain 8 packs of these sleeves, where 8 random players who have received 12 or more league points at the end of the season will be able to obtain a pack of those sleeves.

Aside from that, we also get to see the lore counters, and the Jolly Roger – Hook’s Ship promo card, among the other cards which are included in the OP kit. For more information on how to win these items or see what are the other items included in the OP kit, check out our post on the OP Kit contents here.

In addition, we get to see the physical products for Into the Inklands, which include the booster boxes which are now shrink wrapped. This has been announced since the official Discord server was opened and is definitely a welcome change.

For more information about Into the Inklands products and the cards included, check out the wiki page linked here!

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