Lorcana Official Discord Server & Packaging Improvements Incoming

Disney Lorcana now has an official Discord server, and we also got updates on packaging changes for the future!

Disney Lorcana has just announced an official Disney Lorcana server, operated by Ravensburger! Join the server using the link here!

Many exciting things also look to be coming to the server, with a #card-reveals channel which looks like something Team Lorcana will use in the future to reveal new cards!

There are 3 different community groups for English, French and German speakers and each one also includes #official-events channels where they look like they will be announcing official events as well for each region.

Furthermore, the channel includes a video by Ryan Miller, co-creator of Disney Lorcana TCG, with 2 major points to share with everyone, while the background also shows enchanted versions of Sisu – Divine Water Dragon and Madam Mim – Purple Dragon, revealed officially for the first time.

  1. Production Capacity
    • Ryan Miller states that Ravensburger has drastically increased their production capacity, and this is an important point that they will constantly keep a close eye on.
  2. Booster Box Security
    • Ryan Miller shared that Ravensburger has acknowledged that the original packaging for The First Chapter with the zip strips were not effective enough.
    • As an interim solution, they added on wafer seals (the same one we have seen on The First Chapter restock), which will be on reprints for The First Chapter and all Rise of the Floodborn booster boxes.
    • Starting from the third set, all booster boxes will be shrink wrapped to improve booster box security.

These are all fantastic news to hear for everyone who have had problems looking for Disney Lorcana products, or for anyone concerned on the booster box security. We expect these changes to improve the situation and make Disney Lorcana more accessible to everyone.

Update: The video has just been posted up on Disney Lorcana’s social media and you can watch it below.

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