The First Chapter Accessories: Detailed Images

Images for all accessories in The First Chapter are in and they look just as great as you thought they would!

For more details of each accessory and all of The First Chapter products, check out The First Chapter: All Product Details post here.

The First Chapter Sleeves

Captain Hook Sleeves

Captain Hook Sleeves: Packaging Front

Captain Hook Sleeves: Packaging Back

Elsa Sleeves

Elsa Sleeves: Packaging Front

Elsa Sleeves: Packaging Back

Mickey Mouse Sleeves

Mickey Mouse Sleeves: Packaging Front

Mickey Mouse Sleeves: Packaging Back

The back of the Sleeves packaging shows the name of the artwork and their illustrator!

Elsa – Spirit Of Winter by Matthew Robert Davies
Mickey Mouse – True Friend by Dave Beauchene

The First Chapter Deck Boxes

Captain Hook Deck Box

Captain Hook Deck Box: Packaging

Elsa Deck Box

Elsa Deck Box: Packaging

Mickey Mouse Deck Box

Mickey Mouse Deck Box: Packaging


The First Chapter Playmats


Mickey Mouse Playmat

Maleficent Playmat

Maui Playmat

The back of the playmat packaging similarly shows the name of the artwork and their illustrator!

Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot by Juan Diego Leon
Just In Time by Leonardo Giammichele.
Maleficent – Biding Her Time by Grace Tan

The First Chapter Portfolios

Stitch Portfolio

Stitch Portfolio: Open

Stitch portfolio back showing name

The Queen Portfolio

The Queen Portfolio: Open

Queen portfolio back showing name

Portfolio Back
(Similar for Stitch and The Queen)

The Queen – Wicked and Vain by Matthew Robert Davies
Stitch – Carefree Surfer by Marcel Berg

In addition, we also got the names of the illustrators from the German version of the quick start guide!

Donald Duck – Boisterous Fowl is illustrated by Kenneth Anderson
Captain Hook – Captain of the Jolly Roger is illustrated by Adrianne Gumaya


Source from Ravensburger and credits to @Whippet_Plays for finding the release, and LorcanaPlayer for finding the names and artists of the new images!

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