Rise of the Floodborn OP Kit Details

We got the OP Kit instructions for Rise of the Floodborn and it comes with many new names of cards that we can expect to see in the set!

Disney Lorcana just uploaded the Set 2 OP Kit Instructions on to their site, credits for this info thanks to Cabled!

Here are the differences from The First Chapter’s OP Kit!

There is an increase of promo card prizes, where previously only 24 pieces of each promo card were given per kit. Now there are 32 pieces of each card per kit.

The way to earn additional league points is also included which provides more info of what other cards are getting included into Rise of the Floodborn!

The more notable ones include:

The Great Illuminary Snack Bar: Have 3 cards with food in the image
– Currently there aren’t that many cards with food in the illustration, some examples are Stitch – Carefree Surfer (Stitch holding a sandwich) and Poisoned Apple

Out Past Midnight: Have 3 different Cinderellas in play
– Currently there are only exactly 3 Cinderellas confirmed

Friends Until Forever: Have Winnie the Pooh and 2 of his friends in play
– There are only 2 Winnie the Pooh characters confirmed as of now

Now It’s a Party: Have Snow White and 2 dwarves in play — Bonus Point: Have 7 different dwarfs in play
– We knew that the Seven Dwarves were coming but this confirms the appearance of Snow White and all Seven Dwarfs

A Warrior and their Dragon: Have Raya and Sisu in play

A Gathering of Sorcerers: Have Merlin and Madam Mim in play

Laboring Through the Day: Have Hercules, Pain, and Panic in play
– Pain was confirmed through Panic – Underworld Imp and this further confirms it

Get a Clue: Have Basil, Hiram Flaversham, and Mrs Judson in play
– Currently there are only 2 cards confirmed from The Grreat Mouse Detective but this confirms another 3 characters

It’s (Not Really) a Jungle Out There: Have Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde in play
Judy Hopps – Optimistic Officer was previously confirmed but this is the first mention of Nick Wilde

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