Rise of the Floodborn Online Sales Update

The online sale for Rise of the Floodborn had problems, and we now know everything that happened.

The previously reported Rise of the Floodborn online pre-sale was held yesterday on November 20, but players faced many problems caused by a DDoS attack on the pre-order site.

The following is a statement from Richelle, Global Community Manager for Disney Lorcana regarding the DDoS attack.

This inevitably led to Ravensburger delaying the launch of the site’s queue twice, before finally halting the pre-sales.

However early in the morning on November 21, pre-orders were suddenly made available for a very brief period of time before halting.

Queue-Fair, the provider for the queue site provided a statement with details sharing that they had received almost 5 million bot traffic requests which they managed to block over 95% of them. However, the ramp up in scale of the attack still managed to overload the site.

Ravensburger has also provided the following statement to ComicBook.com, stating that:

“We at Ravensburger understand the frustration with how yesterday’s website launch went, and we are committed to ensuring that future web launches can be successful. In the short term, we will be reallocating Rise of the Floodborn item quantities to other channels to ensure that those products are purchasable during the holiday season. In the medium and long term, we are taking all steps necessary to define a clear roadmap to ensure our future website launches are successful.”


In response to the temporary opening of pre-sales for Rise of the Floodborn on November 21 Morning, the following announcement was made in the official Disney Lorcana Discord, stating that the release was not planned and they are currently still investigating the issue, while asking anyone with issues related to web shop orders to make an inquiry on their online form.

With Ravensburger’s statement for Rise of the Floodborn products being reallocated to other channels, more allocation is expected to be shared to the upcoming mass retail release coming up on December 1st. Aside from outlets like Target and Walmart, shopDisney has also updated their site for Rise of the Floodborn, similarly available for order from December 1st.


  1. and then they sold remaining stock at 3am PST rather than keep it for the Dec 1 street date. so anyone waiting for 6-8 hours in the queue for their spot got shafted. again today 11/21.

  2. This is nothing but excuse from a company that is full of lame excuse. Face it your organization has no idea what they are doing. Product shortages, Distributors frustration, LGS frustrations, player base frustration. There is no Judge program, the rules are a mishmash, phone calls to Ravensburger are not return, website submitted issues are never followed up on, many LGS are fraudulent, to extremes. Product restocking is promised, but pass with no restocking, the restocking dates are kicked like cans down the road. Speaking of kicking some of you LGS we sent letters telling they even though had Chapter 1 products, they would not be getting Chapter 2 products because production can’t me the current base.

    So yes in summary the only thing you have done right is this. As a puzzle company you have puzzled all the above mention groups. Bigger problem you have us without all the puzzle pieces we need! Since you have little to no plan/insight the road ahead is like roads filled with mines in the Middle East.

    Peace out

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