Rise of the Floodborn Online Pre-Order Soon

It’s once again time for that 3-month pilgrimage to the Ravensburger online shopping site!

A special FAQ for the Rise of the Floodborn pre-order sale has just gone up earlier today!

The FAQ states that anyone based in the US may order from the site, with the online queue starting November 20 at 9.00am EST, and pre-orders commence at 10.30am EST.

Currently the full list of Rise of the Floodborn products area already listed on the Ravensburger site though it is not possible to order.

Each customer may order a maximum of the following items.

  • 2x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Starter Deck, Amber and Sapphire
  • 2x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Starter Deck, Amethyst and Steel
  • 2x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Booster Box Display
  • 1x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Illumineer’s Trove
  • 1x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Playmat, The Beast
  • 1x Disney Lorcana: Rise of Floodborn Playmat, Winnie the Pooh
  • 1x Disney Lorcana: D100 Collector’s Edition

A maximum of 20 minutes will be allocated to make the order, upon which you will be returned to the queue after that. In the event that they run out of stock, the message “Queue is now closed.” will be displayed.

The order will only begin shipping in the order that they are processed on December 1, 2023, and they expect most deliveries to be sent within 5-10 business days.

In addition, according to an article from ComicBook, the Disney100 Collector’s Set will be available early. The set was originally announced to be available only on December 1st. However, the set will now be released along with the Rise of the Floodborn products, available at LGS, Disney Parks and the Times Square Disney Store on November 17th.

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