Ravensburger Web Shop – Lorcana Line

The Ravensburger web shop looks to be getting ready to reopen soon!

Update: This looks like it may have been a test, false alarm!

Over the past couple of days, there has been an announcement there stating that sales for the Ravensburger web shop has been closed as they worked to fix issues that they faced when they first opened to put Disney Lorcana up for sale.

Now when you head to the Disney Lorcana page on the Ravensburger site, if you click on “Go to Shop”, you will be brought to a random website that states that you will be added to a random position in the queue when the line opens roughly 24 hours from now, on September 6, 2023 at 7AM Pacific Daylight Time.

Update: The line has suddenly cleared up, where everyone is now able to access the Ravensburger Disney Lorcana web shop. However, it appears that all products currently state, “Only available in stores.” and are not available for purchase.

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