Disney Lorcana goes on sale on Ravensburger site

Disney Lorcana has gone up for sale on the Ravensburger site, though it may be difficult to get an order through!

Disney Lorcana has gone on sale on both their US and German websites!

Disney Lorcana on the US website

Disney Lorcana on the German website

Do note that as of the point of post, many users have faced issues trying to purchase products specifically from the US site.

The site faced slowdown issues due to the high amount of traffic from many people trying to make a purchase from the site. The Ravensburger official Twitter account has also made a post that orders cannot be processed over the phone so users are advised to use a PC / laptop when attempting to make an order.

Furthermore, many users report making payment for their orders, only to receive a “Your order couldn’t be processed.” error message at the end, with no confirmation received.

Everyone is advised to note these potential issues if you should attempt to make an order.


  1. Was a farce if you ever seen one. Still waiting for confirmation of order and refunds. Seems a bit scummy on a pre holiday weekend.

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