Official Decklist Registration Sheet

Taking part in an event? Then you might want to use the official deck registration sheet! (Or even use our editable version!)

Disney Lorcana has dropped an update in the Resource site with an official deck registration sheet!

Disney Lorcana has released an official deck registration sheet, with a direct download link to the file linked here.

The sheet is suitable to be used for the Core Constructed format and follows the standard TCG deck registration format. We expect this deck registration sheet to be used officially in the upcoming Into the Inklands Championship.

To help with filling up the Deck Registration Sheet, we have created an editable version, with text fields to easily fill in all your details. The editable version sheet also automatically tabulates the total number of cards in your deck to help avoid mistakes.

To download the editable version, check out the dropdown link under the Resources tab on Mushu Report, or linked here!


  1. In the editable version, I can enter my “First Name:” but I can’t seem to enter my “Last Name:”. Will this be fixed in future versions?

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