Lorcana Pre-Launch Event in Germany: Event Day!

The Lorcana Pre-Launch Event is going on right now and we have tons of photos and updates from the event!

The photos and news from the pre-launch event are brought to you by a variety of people including Whippet_Plays, Artem, Jamminzz_Gaming, Three for One Trading & Yellowgeekbear!

If you have not seen it yet, we got 4 new cards revealed from the event linked below:
[Card News] Aladdin – Street Rat
[Card News] Prince Phillip – Dragon Tamer & Maleficent – Uninvited
[Card News] The Musketeer Tabard
[Card News] Ruby Ink Minnie Mouse

Signing of the NDA prior to the start of the event

Welcome drinks for everyone, themed after the 6 different Ink colors!

Products on display

General look at the event venue and the participants

Video call with the Lorcana Co-Designers Ryan Miller and Steve Warner!

Design concept of Star Catcher shared by Creative Director Shane Hartley

Design concept of The Great Illuminary

Sharing of how the Lorcana logo was designed

Design concepts of the different Ink logos

A guide into the design language for Disney Lorcana

Shane also shares where Mickey and the Ravensburger logo are integrated into the card back

Peter Brockhammer, artist of Aladdin – Street Rat and Grab Your Sword was also present at the event.

He also shares that he has worked on at least 8 cards for Lorcana!

A look at the illustration process for Aladdin – Street Rat

An illustration board of Aladdin – Street Rat was available at the event where you could ask for an autograph from Peter Brockhammer!

The participants also got to play games which based on info from Yellowgeekbear, are the exact same demo decks that were used in GAMA.

There is more to the event, but it appears that the rest of the event are covered under the NDA and we will find out more at a later date.

As always, Mushu Report will be here to cover all the Lorcana news when it happens so follow us on social media to stay updated!

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