[Card News] Ruby Ink Minnie Mouse

Looks like there was actually 1 final bit of card news from the Lorcana Pre-Launch event, with a Minnie Mouse for Ruby Ink!

Thanks to pictures from @Jamminzz_Gaming, we got 1 final bit of card info!

During the Lorcana Pre-Launch event segment where the attendees got to have a video call with co-designers Ryan Miller and Steve Warner, it turns out that Ryan Miller had revealed 1 card during the call.

Details of the cards are unclear from the picture but this looks to be a Ruby Ink Minnie Mouse version of Olaf – Friendly Snowman. Details as follows.

Minnie Mouse – (unknown)
1 Cost | Ruby | Character
Strength 1 | Willpower 3 | Lore 1
(Remainder details unclear)

As the card details are currently unclear, this card will only be added to the Wiki at a later date.
Update: We got the card details and Minnie Mouse – Always Classy is now up on the Mushu Report Wiki!

For a full list of all The First Chapter cards, check out the card table linked below!
The First Chapter card table

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