Lorcana Demo Session for France Stores – Info

Ravensburger has just held a demo session for France stores and we have some updates regarding upcoming releases, organized play and more!

Lorcana France TCG is bringing us the latest bit of news, based on a demo session held for France LGS today!

Photos from the event

First up, a look at the French version of the various foil cards that we first got to see from GAMA Expo.

Lorcana France TCG also shares some information that was shared during this event.

Product development

  • Set 7 of Lorcana is currently in development
  • Sets 2 and 3 are currently getting printed
  • Sets 4 and 5 are currently being designed
  • The Illumineer’s Trove will only be in English for the first 2 sets. A french version should be available from the 3rd set.

Organized Play & Hobby Store Program

  • Promotional cards for the first 2 sets will exclusively be in English only.
  • The Tinker Bell – Tiny Tactician given out in the Hobby Retailer Kit will only be available in English.
  • Organized play will be limited to the previously announced organized play program in the first year as they want to ensure sufficient card pool and build up the player base.
  • Regarding organized play, there has been an update on the Lorcana HQ Discord by Team Lorcana that competitive play is definitely still coming and we should stay tuned for more news!

Upcoming Events

Set 2

  • The next Lorcana set will be sold in LGS from November 17 and available in mass retail stores from December 1.

Big thank to Lorcana France TCG for sharing this info!

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