GAMA Expo: Lorcana presentation

The designers of Lorcana were at GAMA Expo with a presentation for all the gaming industry members and we got alot of interesting information like how they will handle reprints and more!

Here is the other news we got from GAMA Expo!
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A presentation was held at GAMA Expo for the gaming industry partners by Lorcana’s designers Ryan Miller and Steve Warner!

The presentation was initially held in a smaller room but due to the many people interested to attend, the presentation was shifted to a much bigger room.

Here is a breakdown of the information we got from the presentation!

Starter Decks

  • There will be around 20 (more or less) unique cards in the Starter Decks, with some cards having multiples of 2 or 3 in the deck.

Booster Packs

  • Each pack will contain at least 2 Rare or higher rarity cards.
  • Every pack will also include a foil card of any rarity.
  • Every card will have a foil version.
  • Including the 2 high rarity slots and the foil slots, it IS possible to pull 3 Legendary cards in a single pack.
  • Booster boxes will be sealed with paper pull tabs, which would require you to destroy the box to access packs, preventing resealing.


  • LGS will be getting Disney Lorcana products for at least the first six sets
  • The Lorcana team has spoken to Target regarding street dates (E.g. Releasing of The First Chapter only on September 1st) and they believe that Target will honor the street dates.
  • The Lorcana team dropped the 1st Edition markings on the cards to discourage hoarding,
  • Ravensburger mentioned that they underestimated demand for The First Chapter but are working hard to print more, and they will reprint as they feel is needed.
  • Shipping for The First Chapter will be done in 2 waves.
  • There will be no reserve list, and any card can be reprinted with no cards held in reserve to help make Lorcana available to everyone while keeping down prices.

Organized Play

  • Stores can choose to host leagues or tournament style events
  • Organized play will be ran in house, with software to assist stores running organized play.
  • The Organized Play Kits will be free to the stores running organized play for Lorcana.
  • The league posters in the kit will include stickers to track points.
  • League promos are foil treated.
  • Using multiple languages in your deck will be allowed.
  • There will be no pre-release events similar to MTG as the Lorcana team believe there will be logistical issues.


  • Lorcana will have a customer service team to handle card misprints and quality issues.
  • The Lorcana team recognise that there are 2 groups of people interested in Lorcana, the players and the collectors and they are working hard to make a product that appeals to both.

Credits for photos go to Kingslayer Games and Supah Playaz
Credits for information go to LorcanaPlayer, The Illumiteers and LorcanaCast

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