Gen Con 2023: August 3 Updates

Here is a compilation of everything that is going on at Gen Con 2023 so far!

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Massive crowd at Gen Con as the doors opened, there were issues with how Gen Con handled the queue.
Photo credits to jHendo23

The Lorcana team has announced that they will be working with Gen Con to improve the line situation and more instructions will be provided for the following days after a solution is reached with Gen Con.

A look at the Lorcana booth, photo credits to Navmot

Massive queue for people waiting to buy Lorcana

If you are in the queue to buy product, you get a pin of Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor!

There appears to be a decent amount of product available at the booth. Disney Lorcana has also confirmed that there will be product allocated every day.

In the meantime, the first Starter Deck Challenge is beginning with a playmat announced for the top 8 finishers of the Starter Deck Challenge events!

In addition, it was also announced that there would be no Ink restriction for the cards in the booster pack that is included in Starter Decks. You can mix any of the 12 cards from your pack into the Deck for the event!

Picture of an ongoing Starter Deck Challenge
Photo credits to jHendo23

And so, the pack opening from the Starter Decks begins! Here are a few pack openings for everyone to enjoy!

It also looks like a Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor concept art card (4 pieces to complete the set) is included in (most probably) every pack!

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