[News] Enchanted Rarity & the Enchanted Seeker contest

This is something that has been speculated for awhile but it’s finally here! We have a final 6th rarity for Disney Lorcana!!

TheGamer has just announced that Disney Lorcana will include a 6th rarity named “Enchanted”, with more details provided on the Disney Lorcana website!

These Enchanted “secret rares feature alternate art, borderless frames, and a unique foil treatment”, where the “characters and gameplay of each Enchanted card is identical to its normal counterpart”.

“Enchanted cards take up the foil slot, meaning you have a chance of finding one Enchanted card in every pack” with only certain cards having the Enchanted rarity. Enchanted cards also feature Inkwash foil, a beautiful foil treatment previously only seen on the D23 Expo 2022 promo cards. In addition to the alternate art and foiling, Enchanted rarity cards will have the new rarity symbol and a collector number that’s over 204.

Exact details of what the Enchanted rare cards will look like will be left for everyone to find out as Gen Con attendees will be the first to open booster packs today!

A special contest titled the “Enchanted Seeker” contest, has been organised for everyone attending GenCon. The first people to open up an enchanted card and post it up to Twitter, tagging @DisneyLorcana and using hashtag #EnchantedSeeker will get their find verified and the winner will be invited to a special event at Gen Con on Sunday at 3pm!

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