GAMA Expo Compilation

Some of these pictures and videos only just got posted the last couple of days so here’s a compilation of everything we got from GAMA Expo!

Starting off, here are links to the articles on the new cards and a summary of the presentation at GAMA posted on Mushu Report.

[Card News] Foil Mickey Mouse – Musketeer, The Beast is Mine! & Be our Guest
[Card News] Amber & Amethyst cards fresh from GAMA!
GAMA Expo: Lorcana presentation
GAMA Expo: Demo deck list


Lorcana Demo gameplay at GAMA Lorcana booth at GAMA Expo
Just in Time playmat Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot playmat
Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot playmat closeup Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot playmat edge
Illumineer’s Trove Deckbox 1 – Front Illumineer’s Trove Deckbox 1 – Back
Illumineer’s Trove Deckbox 2 – Front Illumineer’s Trove Deckbox 2 – Back
First look at The First Chapter Starter Deck packaging back

Lorcana demo in session

Video of the deck boxes inside the Illumineer’s Trove

Video view of foil cards

Lorcana presentation at GAMA Expo (Day 1)
Lorcana presentation at GAMA Expo (Day 2)
Lorcana booth walkthrough, including a detailed look at the accessories and products

Big thanks to The Illumiteers, Citizens of Lorcana, Dan Regal and Matrix TCG for all these great pictures and videos!

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