Gala TCG Convention pictures

Pictures are in from the Gala TCG Convention and their product display rack looks mighty tempting!

Here are the other bits of news from Gala TCG convention:
[Card News] Aurora – Rose & Jasmine – Disguised
[Card News] Prince Eric – Fiery and Brave, Smash! and Goons – Minions of Maleficent
[Card News] The Beast – Angry and Bitter

Demonstrations at the Lorcana booth are done by Storm’s Curious Adventure, French TCG streamer, photo of game demonstration by Maxildan.


Pictures of the overall booth at Gala TCG Convention by Lorcana France TCG

Also shown at the booth are photos of the D23 Expo 2022 Collector’s Set and The First Chapter products including the accessories!

Product images credits to Feupix of the Lorcana TCG France Discord

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