First Look at Lorcana Gateway & Festival International des Jeux – Cannes updates

Some early pictures of this week’s Festival International des Jeux – Cannes are here, and it includes a look at the upcoming Disney Lorcana Gateway product!

These photos come courtesy of (Forda) Guillaume Visciglio with thanks to LorcanaFr for spreading the news!

Update: We got more photos of the very lovely booth thanks to Rémi Prieur!!

Preparations for the Festival International des Jeux – Cannes convention is currently under way and some initial photos of the Lorcana booth are here! This appears to be the main booth area and Steve Warner himself can even be spotted overseeing the preparations.

There even looks to be an amazing recreation of The Great Illuminary with the pillars and book featuring what looks to be Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor and Elsa – Snow Queen on the opened page!

Even more pictures of the booth are here, showing off some of everyone’s favourite characters and cards from The First Chapter, Rise of the Floodborn and Into the Inklands.

There are also some clips by @benbwn showing off a short video of the booth!

There are many activities for Disney Lorcana at the convention, including autograph sessions, family tournaments, open play and even getting to speak to Steve Warner himself, all of which can be found here.

Standees of the cover characters from the Into the Inklands starter decks were also shared, in what appears to be the tournament zone, where sealed tournaments and open play events are will be held this Friday and Saturday.

This photo shared by Pedro Velho also shows how Disney Lorcana is prominently featured even outside of the convention hall!

And among it all, we get our first look at the Disney Lorcana Gateway product (known as Disney Lorcana Prélude in French), with a cover that features Stitch, Maleficent, Elsa and Mickey Mouse!

What is most interesting is the Mickey Mouse featured here is most definitely Mickey Mouse – Detective, but with a different illustration that we have yet to see before. Currently we do not know yet if this means we get another version of Mickey Mouse – Detective, or will there be a different art of him due for release but this will definitely interest many Sapphire ink fans.

This is a new product that will include two 30 card basic Disney Lorcana decks and a 2 player gameboard, which will function as a tutorial for new players to try out the game and experience upgrading their decks till they try out the full spectrum of playing and deck building for Disney Lorcana!

In the Lorcana France Discord server, Forda also shares that Disney Lorcana Gateway will include cards from The First Chapter (set 1) all the way to set 4, with no cards that are unique to this product as it targets beginners specifically.

Disney Lorcana Gateway will start retail on August 9, 2024 at $24.99 USD or £22.99.

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