[Convention] Donald Duck – Musketeer’s Illustrator Signing at Spiel Essen 2023

This might be a hint of a nice promotional card heading over to Germany, with exciting things happening at Spiel Essen next week!

Something awesome could be coming everyone’s way in the upcoming Spiel Essen 2023 event which is happening in Germany next week! We first got confirmation of Disney Lorcana taking part in Spiel Essen 2023 back in July, where we also first heard about Ink in the Disney Lorcana TCG.

Searching through the Spiel Essen app for Lorcana, Jam Pingul spotted that Dav le Dessineux (Also known as Dav Augereau), the artist for Donald Duck – Musketeer will be attending the event to do “book signing” at Hall 6 6E400. 3 sessions will be held at the following timings:

  • October 5th: 12PM ~ 2PM
  • October 5th: 4PM ~ 6PM
  • October 6th: 2PM ~ 4PM

Previously we have gotten Goofy – Musketeer at Gamescom and Mickey Mouse – Musketeer at Gen Con, especially where illustrator Nicholas Kole was also present at Gen Con to do artist signing. Could this be a hint that Donald Duck – Musketeer will be available as a promotional card at Spiel Essen 2023? We will report on news more Disney Lorcana @ Spiel Essen news once it’s out so stay tuned!


  1. You don’t think it could be the french cartoonist with the same name? Wouldn’t Ravensburger call him by his right name instead of the name of this french cartoonist?

    • David Augereau goes by Dav in his works (where he also did French comics like Flibustor), and Dav le Dessineux (the account he uses on social media) also directly translates to Dav the cartoonist. So I believe Ravensburger chose to use Dav le Dessineux possibly because it is what he uses on social media.

      The English version of the Spiel app has a typo though and spells Despineux, while the German version of the app (screenshot available from Jam Pingul) spells Dessineux.

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