[Convention] Mickey Mouse – Musketeer is the Gen Con promotional card!

Making your way to Gen Con this week? You could be getting something nice at the convention!!

Update: More details are out for the promo card and it will be given out to everyone who participate in any Disney Lorcana event at Gen Con 2023 and for those who purchase product!

Thanks to Vixxen from the LorcanaHQ Discord snapping a picture on site, it looks like we now know about a promotional card given out at Gen Con 2023!

1 side of the Gen Con booth decoration features a Mickey Mouse – Musketeer which if you look below, features a Gen Con 2023 logo where the rarity usually is, along with the 11/P1·EN·1 card code, the code we have been missing in between the Organized Play Kit promotional cards and the Gamescom promotional card Goofy – Musketeer!

Update: Disney Lorcana has just updated on social media that the Mickey Mouse – Musketeer Gen Con 2023 promotional card will be available via 2 routes!

  • By participating in any Disney Lorcana ticketed event, regardless of it being a demo or tournament
  • People who purchase Disney Lorcana product at their Gen Con Booth 2001

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