[Card News] HeiHei – Boat Snack & Mickey Mouse – Detective, Organized Play Kit

We just got details for the Organized Play Kit, along with the promotional cards to be included inside!

A picture of the organised play kit has just been released on ComicBook.com which includes what appears to be a score sheet, stickers for indicating the number of points a player has, promotional cards, a lore point tracker and pins!

In the interview, Ryan Miller states that the promo cards will be “alternate treatments of existing cards, not “mechanically unique” promo cards”, with the foil promo cards selected based on “their playability and theme”.

The pins included will also be exclusive pins that will be new for every season of play.

Mickey Mouse – Detective
3 Cost | Sapphire | Character
Power 1 | Toughness 3 | Lore 1
Dreamborn · Hero · Detective
GET A CLUE: When you play this character, you may put the top card of your deck into your inkwell facedown and exerted.
Wherever the seaweed had come from, Mickey was sure of one thing: something fishy was going on.


Heihei – Boat Snack
1 Cost | Amber | Character
Power 1 | Toughness 2 | Lore 1
Storyborn · Ally
Support Whenever this character quests, you may add their strength to chosen character’s strength this turn.)
Sometimes, our strength lies beneath the surface. Far beneath, in some cases…


Source from ComicBook


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