[Convention] Updates from Spiel Essen 2023

We have pictures from this week’s ongoing Spiel Essen 2023, including info on how to get the promo card!

Pictures from Spiel Essen 2023 are in thanks to Wayback6000 from the Lorcana HQ Discord!

Overview look of the Lorcana booth at Spiel Essen 2023

If you want a copy of the Spiel Essen promo of Donald Duck – Musketeer, you need to purchase 25€ worth of product or take part in a demo game to get a copy.

Lots of people are taking part in the demo games!

Long queue of player trying to purchase products at the booth. Once you make a purchase, your hand gets stamped to prevent you from rejoining the queue.

Closer look at the sales area

The convention photo wall for Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor is on site, though it may be hard to get a photo for now.

Ryan Miller and Steve Warner, who were both at last weekend’s New York Toy Fair have also been spotted at Spiel Essen 2023!

The autograph session by Dav Augereau (Also known as Dav le Dessineux) has begun and they are also giving out autograph boards of Donald Duck – Musketeer!

Everyone gets a maximum of 3 cards to be signed by Dav and an autograph board.

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