[Card News] Beast – Relentless

This new Beast is an absolute beast of a card!
Lisertan was at Spiel Essen playing against Lorcana game co-designer Steve Warner when this brand new card was just played against him!

Update: We just got a clean version of the image thanks to Lorcana_Inkwell and Team Lorcana!

Beast – Relentless
6 Cost | Emerald | Character
Strength 4 | Willpower 5 | Lore 2
Storyborn · Hero · Prince
SECOND WIND:Whenever an opposing character is damaged, you may ready this character.


On an interesting note, the German version currently provides a German flavor text which states

“Ich werde denjenigen finden, der aus dem versiegelten Buch der Legenden entkommen ist. Komm mir dabei nicht in die Quere!”

Which translate to:

“I will find the one who escaped from the sealed book of Legends. Don’t get in my way!”

Note: Legenden translates as Legends, but it is also the same term used to refer to Lore for the German version of Lorcana.

Team Lorcana has stated that the flavor text is an error and that the missing flavor text on the English and French versions are intentional, while the flavor text will be removed from the German one for reprints in the future (Though it will still be there in Rise of the Floodoborn presumably.

In another interesting note, Team Lorcana notes that while we have currently seen 2 Legendary cards in Rise of the Floodborn, namely Beast – Relentless and Belle – Hidden Archer, there is another character from The First Chapter who has Legendary rarity that will also have Legendary rarity in Rise of the Floodborn.

Furthermore, 3 characters who have cards in The First Chapter (And not Legendary rarity) will have a Legendary rarity card in Rise of the Floodborn, while another 6 brand new characters who have not been revealed yet will have Legendary rarity in Rise of the Floodborn.

This also confirms that Rise of the Floodborn will have a total of 12 Legendary cards, similar to The First Chapter.

For a full list of all Rise of the Floodborn cards, check out the card list and table linked below!
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