Cancellation of Rise of the Floodborn Online Sales in Europe and the UK

Rise of the Floodborn stock have been reallocated along with this cancellation, and a reprint is on the way!

Disney Lorcana has just made an announcement, stating that they will not be doing online sales for Rise of the Floodborn on the Ravensburger online store for Europe and the UK like they had done for The First Chapter.

Instead, stock that was originally allocated for the online sales will now be redistributed to other channels.

This announcement only applies to the original planned upcoming online sale for Europe and UK, and does not affect any orders that had been placed and confirmed during the problematic pre-sale on the US Ravensburger online store. Ravensburger had announced that any stock which had yet to be sold during the US pre-sale would be similarly reallocated to other channels.

In addition, Ravensburger also announced that reprints for The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn will be released in Europe and the UK in mid-December. The time period for the reprint is similar to the announcement made earlier by shopDisney which stated that The First Chapter reprints will be made available on shopDisney on December 22nd.

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