Bochum Challenge 2024 Stream and Signing Session

The Bochum Challenge is coming up next week and we have information on commentary and an artist signing session on site!

These updates come directly from Fanfinity’s Discord server (Previously known as Tournament Center). If you are attending the Bochum Challenge, make sure to join their server for more news & updates.

First up, the English commentary team is same as before, with the addition of The Wossy! The stream will last for all 3 days of the Bochum Challenge! The English stream will take place on

Reminder: The Bochum challenge is a 3 day event, with the 2048 players split into 2 days, 1024 players each for Friday and Saturday, then the top cut playing on Sunday.

German commentary for the Bochum Challenge is done by Christian, Pascal and Basti, with the German stream taking place on

Illustrator Jochem van Gool will also be attending the event with signing sessions going on throughout all 3 days. Slots have to be picked by getting a signing time slot ticket at the Ravensburger booth.

Jochem van Gool has worked on multiple cards, including cards like Chernabog – Evildoer, Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing and more. Check out the full list of cards he has worked on here!

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