Australia & New Zealand Launch in June

Lorcana is headed down under in just 2 weeks, and they are even getting The First Chapter products!

Back in February, Lorcana’s presence in Australia was first spotted when they took part in the Melbourne Toy Fair as part of the Modern Brands booth. We missed the news for this but Modern Brands site has updated with details of their release schedule on their official site!

Release Schedule

SetOP Stores releaseAll stores release
Set 1 The First ChapterJune 1st 2024
Set 2 Rise of the FloodbornJune 15th 2024
Set 3 Into the InklandsJune 29th 2024
Set 4 Ursula’s ReturnJuly 13th 2024
Set 5 (Name TBC)August 9th 2024August 23rd 2024
Set 6 (Name TBC)November 15th 2024November 29th 2024

Product Pricing

ProductDescriptionNZ RRP
Booster Pack12 Cards, 2x rare slots and a guaranteed foil card per pack$10.99
Starter Deck60 Card ‘ready to play deck’ and 1 booster pack$32.99
Gateway2x 60 card decks designed for teaching new to TCG players$43.99
Illumineer’s Trove8 Boosters, storage box, dividers and damage dice$109.99
Deck BoxHolds 80 cards, featuring card art$11.99
Sleeves65 sleeves per pack, featuring card art$19.99
PlaymatNeoprene mat featuring card art$39.99
Portfolio4 pocket, 10 pages, featuring card art$39.99

Both Australia and New Zealand will be going through an accelerated release schedule, where they will get set 4 within 6 weeks of the initial release, and they will have the same release timing for set 5 as the USA and Europe.

If you do a search online, many stores in Australia have been doing pre-sales online over the past couple of weeks with many of these stores already sold out of The First Chapter products, so it looks like interest is high. Here’s looking forward to many more Australia and New Zealand players joining the community!

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