Let’s start off the first reveal of the day with the extract of Ruby!! If we get extracts of the other inks, what abilities do you think they should have?

This card reveal comes from the Disney Lorcana socials!

3 Cost | Ruby | Item
1 ink, Banish this item – Chosen character gains Rush and gets +2 strength this turn. (They can challenge the turn they’re played.)


This may be a different ink color but Vitalisphere looks like a better version of Croquet Mallet, providing your character with both Rush AND extra strength. This also makes this the very first card that gives your character both Rush and more strength!

Also, I am looking forward to getting even more cards that contacts the extract of the different inks!

For a full list of all currently known Ursula’s Return cards, check out the card list and table linked below!
Ursula Return’s card list
Disney Lorcana card table

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