Vision Slab

Rapunzel fans beware, Bruno has a vision which seals your fate!

This reveal comes from Disney Lorcana socials!

Vision Slab
3 Cost | Emerald | Item
 At the start of your turn, if an opposing character has damage, gain 1 lore.
TRAPPED!: Damage counters can’t be removed.
Tío Bruno! What’s happening to him? We have to help!
– Mirabel

This one card will be the perfect counter for decks that heal, such as Amber Ruby decks which often use the Mother Gothel – Withered and Wicked & Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing combo to draw multiple cards. This also works great as a card to counter decks that focus on Grand Pabbie – Oldest and Wisest to heal up and gain lots of lore really quickly.

Best part? This card is inkable, meaning you can splash it into any Emerald ink deck and choose to ink it if you are not facing an opponent that requires you to use it!


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