Ursula’s Return Set Championship Map

Looking for Ursula’s Return championship events to attend? Melee has you covered!

Brad Nelson of the Melee team is back again with a custom google map showing all Ursula’s Return Championship events going on in July, and its even split by weekends!

By clicking on the top left tab, you can pull out a side bar which allows you to filter the events by weekends, so you can see all the events happening on a specific weekend to check out the ones closest to you!

In addition, Brad also mentioned some points for everyone to take note, when he made a post about this on the Disney Lorcana TCG Facebook group previously.

  • Any store that didn’t publish their tournament before the deadline of June 24th is NOT on the list. We will plan to add another batch next week, so stores that missed the deadline do not need to reach out as long as they named the tournament appropriately.
  • If a store did publish their tournament before the 24th and isn’t on the map, they probably need to correct something. We will need to speak with the store directly so let them know to contact us and make sure they submit a url link to the tournament page.
  • There are going to be a few geo-locational issues. We can fix them if we are made aware of them. These issues players can reach out to us via our Discord server found at https://Discord.Melee.gg. Please create a support ticket using the “Create-support-ticket” channel and don’t spam a general channel.
  • Don’t expect this FaceBook post to be monitored by the Melee team, and please use the proper channels and procedures listed above.

The big prize for the set championship is of course the Ursula – Sea Witch Queen promo prize card that is given out to the top 4 players of each event. Back with Into the Inklands, many players travelled to multiple events to get more chances to win a copy, and we expect it to definitely be a thing again this time round.

Just remember to double check with the stores if they are affected by the set championship kit delays as they may have chosen to change the date of their event. Good luck to everyone participating!

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