[Unconfirmed] Set 2 and beyond release dates

Better start marking off your calendar, we might have dates for the releases beyond The First Chapter!

Bordspeler.nl, a Netherlands news site has shared a set of release dates for the upcoming release dates beyond The First Chapter, though do note that this information is currently UNVERIFIED.

Specifically their site states that the second set will have a pre-release at LGS on November 18 and an official release date on December 1st, similar to the staggered release for The First Chapter. Beyond that, the release dates for the third set onwards are mentioned as March 2024, followed by June 2024 and September 2024 with no mention regarding if there will be a pre-release at LGS.

Release dates at a glance:
Second set – December 1st (Pre-release on November 18th)
Third set – March 2024
Fourth set – June 2024
Fifth set – September 2024

Lorcana fan @Nive341 had contacted the Lorcana team in an attempt to verify the information but the Lorcana team has shared that they will not confirm any dates nor information beyond The First Chapter currently.

Source from Bordspeler.nl and @Nive341

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