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Had a burning question for Lorcana gameplay? Here are the answers from the Team Lorcana Q&A with all your questions answered and more!

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Here are the many questions and answers from the Team Lorcana: Q&A held earlier today.

Note: Questions have been modified to fix names and typos for clarity sake though answers have been left as per the original reply.

Deck / hand related

Questions Answers
Is 60 cards a hard limit to deck size ? It is only the minimum, you can have as many cards as you want in your deck, as long as you have at least 60.
Is there a maximum hand size despite what I am able to hold? There is no maximum hand size, though eventually the sheer weight could prove to be a problem!


Overall Shift tweet:

We’ve had a lot of questions about shift, so here’s how it works:
You can play a shift character normally by paying its ink cost and putting it into play.
You can choose to pay its shift cost to play it on top of one of your characters that has the same name. That character is completely covered by the shift character, so its abilities and numbers are no longer in effect.
Any states the previous character had do carry over – If the old character was exerted, so is the shift character, and any damage the old character had remains on the shift character. Also, if the old character could have quested or challenged, the shift character can as well.
When a stack of characters leaves play, the entire stack goes to the same place – so if the character is banished, then entire stack goes to the discard pile. If the character is returned to its player’s hand, the entire stack goes to that player’s hand.

Questions Answers
Can you challenge or quest after shifting a character? As long as the character you shifted onto could have challenged, the shift character can challenge as well.
When a “shifted” character is defeated, are both cards banished or just the floodborn card? Both go to the discard, but only the top card is considered banished for purposes of effects.
Do cost reductions apply to Shift costs? Cards that allow you to pay less ink to “play” a card also allow you to pay less to “play” that card using it’s shift ability.
What happens with cards under a shifted card? Like if you Let it Go Aladdin – Prince Ali, does just the topmost card go into your inkwell or both? And what if he’s returned to your hand? Cards that are part of a stack from shift go to wherever the affected card goes. Meaning – If you play let it go on Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw, who is covering up Aladdin – Prince Ali, both cards will go to the inkwell and become 2 ink.

If they are banished, both cards will go to the discard. If they would be returned to hand, both go back to hand.

Does playing a shift character count as enters play (for example to trigger Stitch – Rock Star?) It does!
Does shifting a card remove damage counters? No, the damage remains.
If i want to use the shift ability to play Hades – King of Olympus ontop of a character named Hades that is a different color, is that a legal play? Yes it is!
Can you Shift onto a Shifted character? Yes you can!
Can I use Just in Time to “shift” say an Aurora – Dreaming Guardian onto an already on the field Aurora – Regal Princess without needing the ink to dry? Yes, as long as the actual cost of the character is 5 or less, Just in Time will make the card free to play. allowing you to play Aurora – Dreaming Guardian as a shift.
When I play a card using shift to play it on top of a character with the same name, does it keep the damage and status? And can I use any abilities or it needs to wait one turn for the”ink to dry”? Yes, it retains the statuses of the old character, but this also includes whether its ink was dry – if the old character could have challenged or quested, the shift character can too!
Can we use Lantern or similar cards to cast Shift?
Can we use Just in Time to cast a Shift ability?
Can we use two Lanterns for one character?
Yes, Lantern does let you pay less for the shift ability.
Yes* – As long as the actual cost of the character is 5 or less, and not the shift cost.
Yes – Two Lanterns will let you pay 2 less ink for the next character that turn.
Can the cards with shift be played without a normal card already in play? Yes, you don’t have to use the shift cost. You simply pay it’s cost in the top left, and play it like any other character.
If I shift Stitch – Rock Star on top of another stitch, do both stay on the field, just with Stitch – Rock Star on top? They both stay on the table, though the previous Stitch is completely covered up – its abilities and numbers don’t matter anymore.

Ink / Inkwell related


Questions Answers
How much will different magical inks matter? Each ink has their own mechanic and thematic feeling.
Two questions about colors: First, do cards need a specific ink color to be played, or just a specific amount of ink. Second, will there be any generic cards with no color that can be played in any deck? It is just a specific amount of ink, Color is more about deckbuilding.
We can’t really answer right now about Generic cards with no color.

There’s a rule that states that a player is only allowed a max of 2 ink colors in their deck.

Will players be required to confirm their ink colors prior to starting a game?

No, we don’t feel that’s necessary.
When a card gets put into the ink well on my turn exerted, such as with One jump ahead, is the ink usable on that turn? Because the ink is already exerted, no. If the card was put in your inkwell not exerted, then yes.
Is there a way to recover a card after it was put in the inkwell? Currently – No
When a stack of cards goes to the inkwell do they count as one ink or as one ink each ? Each card in the stack counts as one ink.
Do you show your opponent what card goes into your inkwell? If you’re asking about the one card you can put into your inkwell from your hand each turn, then yes, you must reveal it to show that it has the inkwell symbol. If the card is placed there by some other effect, then you don’t reveal it – you don’t even get to look at it yourself!
Once a card is put in your inkwell facedown, is it hidden information for the rest of the game?
Or can the owner/both players look at what’s face down? How public is the information?
Neither player can look at them, they are not public information. Furthermore, if an ability (Like one jump ahead) puts the top card of your deck facedown into your inkwell, you don’t get to see what card that was.
Just so it can be answered here maybe? Is the inkwell public knowledge? No, players cannot look at cards in any player’s inkwell, including their own.
In a tournament setting, what information are players allowed to record? I have seen a lot of people asking if the inkwell is public knowledge, but can banishment and other zones be tracked? Players are allowed to look at the cards in their opponent’s discard piles. Inkwell cards must remain face down, and cannot be looked at by any player.
Is there a limit on how many cards can be in the Inkwell during the game? There is no limit to the number of cards in your inkwell. Or, the limit is equal to the number of cards in your deck 🙂 But seriously, no limit.

General Gameplay

Questions Answers
How do we distinguish which type of player/card effect can exert a character in its played turn? Obviously Stitch – Rock Star can and song action can not. A newly played character cannot quest, challenge, sing a song or use its own ability that requires it to exert. Other effects that exert it can be played.
Is there a way for two players to win simultaneously? Via stealing mechanics for example? None currently.
What all, if anything, can I do on my opponent’s turn? Plan your inevitable victory. (Or handle any triggered abilities of yours that come up).

Can one character only perform one action per turn? For example, if it did a quest then it can’t challenge on the same turn?

That’s correct, once you’ve had a character in play for at least one turn, it can only take one action – challenge, quest, or stay ready.
It wasn’t mentioned on the condensed rules sheet, but is there any kind of end phase or cleanup step or something at the end of your turn? Or does it go straight from your main phase to your opponent’s turn? There isn’t a cleanup step in the typical sense, effects that end at the end of the turn stop.
Can you have two copies of the same card on the battlefield?

ie. Two copies of Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcerer.

Yes you can
Is a card that dies challenging another (offensively) considered “banished in a challenge?” For example, if I have a Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcerer and a Magic Broom – Bucket Brigade in play, and the broom challenges an opponents character and dies, do it return to my hand? Yes, “banished in a challenge” triggers whether the card was the challenger or the challengee.
Wow, I never get to use the word “challengee!” Is it a word?
Can you use a character’s ability that doesn’t require exerting or payment the same turn they’re played? Ex: Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcer is played and then a broom is played. Does the broom get the -1 ink discount? The Abilities section in the quick start rules makes it seem like no. You can! Only abilities that require exerting the character can’t be used the turn they are played. All other abilities can be used the turn they played.
What triggers happen in what order? Imagine: Playing a Magic Broom – Bucket Brigade which has an on play trigger in a field with Stitch – Rock Star who has the when a … card is played? You choose the order in which to resolve your triggered abilities that trigger off of the same event.
I noticed while trying the game , that use once a turn a card for the ink and play , you run out of cards fast and all the cards that draw are expansive . Is simply because we haven’t see all the cards or there is some rule that we missing? Like draw 2 and not one at start turn You draw one card per turn, and yes, there are many more cards in the set that may shed some light on this question. 🙂

We’d also like to point out that you don’t have to put a card into your inkwell if you don’t want to.

Do songs allow you to exert characters that have just been played No, characters cannot sing the turn you play them.
Do I have to discard a card if I got more than 7 cards in my hand? Nope
Is there a maximum hand size despite what I am able to hold?
Can an effect that reduces cost like the one from Maurice – World-Famous Inventor stack to reduce a single item by more than 2 ink?
There is no maximum hand size, though eventually the sheer weight could prove to be a problem!

Cards effects do stack, so if you had two Maurices in play you would pay 4 less ink for the next item you play. Costs cannot go below zero.

Can lore/victory points be taken away, or used as a resource? Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw does currently make opponents lose lore. Used as a resource has not been seen yet.
If there is a card that maybe now or future reduce an opponent’s lore, can a player have negative lore (-1,-2,-3, etc.)? No, lore can not go below 0.
If your deck reach 0 card you lose the game ? When you must draw a card, but can not because you have none remaining in your deck, you lose.
Can a character with 0 strength still challenge another character? Yes it can. It might have a bad day though.
Can you “challenge” a character when it’s not your turn? Or do players always get to quest at least once before they can be challenged? No, you can only challenge during your turn.
Will there be some kind of rule that doesn’t allow cards to be played without an effect? For example, if I announce a challenge but the only opposing characters are Evasive does my character stay exerted and is wasted, or will it go back to being Ready to use it for other things? You can not declare a challenge, so you do not get to the point that your character is exerted.

Card Specific

Questions Answers
How does Let It Go work when targeting a Shift card? All the cards in the shifted character’s stack are placed in its player’s inkwell facedown and exerted.
Does two Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcerer make Magic Broom – Bucket Brigade free? Any broom that costed 2 or less would cost zero, but don’t tell Steve I told you that.
Does Lantern‘s effect stack eg i have 2 i tap 2 do does the next card get reduced by 2 also does lantern effect shift cost? Yep, they stack!
If I have Coconut Basket or Stitch – New Dog example on play, and I Shift for Stitch – Rock Star, does it count as a play card and I can heal or draw or it doesn’t  count ? It does count as playing the character.
Can Cheshire Cat – Not All There banish a card with ward with its effect? Its ability doesn’t use the word “Choose” or “Chosen” so it is not affected by ward.
Can you use Just In Time on Stitch – Rock Star? No, Stitch’s cost is 6, shift allows him to be played for 4, but that is not his cost.
What can Cruella De Vil – Miserable As Usual target when returning cards to hand? For example, can she target cards in the discard pile? Can she target herself? And what happens to the underlying character if she returns a shifted character to its own’s hand? She can only choose a character that is in play. Since she was banished she is not in play. If she chooses a character that was shifted, both cards go to the players hand.
Does a character with bodyguard have to be exerted in order for that ability to activate That is correct!
If I have a 3 Ink character in hand that is reduced to 2 Ink and I play it on the board while Stitch – Rock Star is in play, do I get to draw 1 card? The cost was not reduced, you were able to pay 1 less ink in order to play it. It’s cost is still 3 and does not qualify to be a fan of Stitch.
If I have two Aurora – Dreaming Guardian in play with their effect they protect each other , or you can only have one same effect active on the field? Yes, they would affect each other.
If I use Moana – Of Motunui to untap my princesses after they have quested, and I have a second Moana board, then challenge with those princesses, and quest with my second Moana to untap my board again, plus it untap the first Moana? And could they then challenge again? Yes, you can ready those princesses as many times as effects allow. Only limitation is they can’t quest anymore that turn.
Does Aladdin – Heroic Outlaw still get his Daring Exploit ability if he also is banished when he challenges and banishes another character? Yes.
When a card like Yzma – Alchemist tells you to look at the top card of your deck, do you reveal that card to your opponent as well, or is it for your eyes only? Your eyes only – if it said “reveal” then it would be shown to all players.


Questions Answers
During setup, it states that you determine who goes 1st (step 5) after resolving mulligans (step 4). However, in the mulligan information it states that you start with the player going 1st, which can’t be determined if it comes after resolving mulligans.

What’s the proper order?

Apologies for the confusion, we are correcting this, the proper way to start the game is to determine who is going first, then alter hands. (starting with the player that is going first.)
Can you mulligan on the first game of a match? You can alter your hand before each and every game.


Questions Answers
When it comes to a point where the game requires a ban list. Will there be reasons given for the decision like the digimon tcg. *Shakes 8 ball* -answer is cloudy. – Sorry this is something we can’t really discuss at this time.
Are there more keywords in the The First Chapter, like Ward, Bodyguard, and Evasive, that we haven’t seen yet? Going to have to wait and see.
Are there any other card types plan in the future? (other than Characters, items and action/song? Like Places?) There is always going to be chances for new card types in the future. We will always look at what we think is best for the game at the time.
Are there tokens in the game? None currently
Which card was most heavily debated on the “inkwell” question? I.e. What is a card that used to be without an inkwell, but now does. Or vice versa!

Would love to hear more about the internal design process, and how this resource system came to be as well, if you have time!

That is a story for the future maybe.
Are there going to be ways of dealing with a big board state via action cards? There will be various cards to deal with various situations. You will have to wait and see.
Magic famously has a 4-year plan where they map everything out. How far out in terms of design “scaffolding” have you put up for future sets?

How concerned are you re: complexity creep over time?

We can’t say how far out we are currently. However, for complexity creep we will continue to keep an eye to make sure that.
Are there plans to add interactions on opponents turns as a standard part of gameplay or will this be an exception?

Multiplayer shows SO much promise, but, could leave players bored between turns without interaction.

We can’t speak to the future cards/abilities.
I have seen that the game support multiplaye(>2)r.
Up to how many is it playable ? Will there be cards that target a gamer position (left,/right) ? How important is multiplayer for you / game design ?
The game does support multiplayer, and it’s up to the players how many people they would like to play with. Can’t really say if there will be cards that are that multiplayer specific.
For Organized Play, will points for teaching someone or bringing a friend be able to be redeemed multiple times or is it the first time only? You only get the points the first time you bring a specific person. If you bring more new people, you get the points. The same goes for teaching new players.
Will all the card will exists in foil and non foil?
And what will be the difference between a regular foil and a promo foil?Thanks
Each card in the set also has a foil version. We’ll be talking about promos later on!

Source from Lorcana Twitter


  1. If i exert tinker bell on my opponents turn to draw a card and discard a card. Can he attack my exerted tinker bell???? When does challenging actually occur and when can i use tinker bell safely to avoid it being challenged?

    • You are only allowed to take actions during your turn, so you can only exert Tinker Bell – Tiny Tactician for her ability during your own turn.

      During the opponent’s turn, as long as they have a character that was summoned for at least for a turn (Or has Rush), the opponent can challenge any exerted character. So there is actually no way you can safely use Tinker Bell’s ability without her getting challenged, unless your opponent has no characters on the board (and hopefully they do not have any characters with Rush).

  2. If you choose what order your abilities resolve if they trigger at the same time, does the active player have priority. Ex. I challenge a Cruella Miserable as Usual with Tinkerbell Giant Fairy. Tinkerbell triggers to target a character to deal 2 damage to, but Cruella triggers to bounce a target, potentially saving the card. What happens? Also would Tinkerbell still do 2 damage to a target if Cruella bounces it?

    • The active player will trigger all their abilities and resolve them all first, before the opponent gets to trigger and resolve theirs.

      In your case, Tinker Bell would get to trigger her ability, and resolve it to deal 2 damage first. After that, Cruella would then get to trigger her ability and choose a character to return to hand.

  3. Hello ! When i play “Elsa – Spirit of winter”, can i choose exerted character ? if so, can they ready at the start of the next turn ?

  4. Can Moana of Motunui choose which princesses she readies/disables questing for? One of the answers above seems to indicate she can in order to allow another Moana to quest to re-ready other princesses, but if the first Moana’s ability hits the unexerted Moana then we wouldn’t be able to double quest reset with only that card.

  5. I’m hoping for a clarification, in one of the rules above it states your cards can only do one action on your turn. In my play group players like to quest with a princess, ready the princess with Moana, and then challenge with the readied princess. So according to the rules this interaction does not work, correct?

    • That play with Moana does work!
      This was the very first Q&A when many cards were not out yet, so the answers by the Lorcana team were kinda simplified. You can treat that answer to mean more of “unless there is an ability that allows it, a character can only do one action per turn”.
      Hope this helps!

  6. If add the attack of a support character to another support character say for example a Phil on a Maximus. If I quest with the Maximus does his support activate for the 7 added attack from Phil’s support to another character or only 4 attack for his base stat.

  7. Stupid question, if my character has the stolen scimitar and they are banished by the opposition is the scimitar also banished?

    • Nope, the Scimitar doesnt ever go to any character, it’s just an item card that applies its ability on to various characters. So even if the character gets banished, the item card stays in play

  8. The Flynn Rider – Charming Rogue character has the ability “Here Comes The Smolder – Whenever this character is challenged, the challenging player chooses and discards a card.”

    Can my opponent challenge Flynn even if they don’t have any cards in hand to discard?

  9. If it’s my turn and my character (2/2) challenges their character (2/2), can i banish pawpsicle and use its ability to prevent my character from being banished?

    • Unfortunately no. You will only be able to use Pawpsicle’s ability on a character after the challenge has been completed, so your characters will have to survive the challenge first.

  10. For Tiana celebrating princess it says while this card is exerted and you have no cards in your hand, opponents can’t play actions. Does this mean she can quest and her ability is in effect if I don’t have cards in my hand?

  11. Does the “bounce effect”, specifically the “leave play” trigger when a card is banished? For example, if I use Merlin Rabbit to challenge an opposing character and merlin is banished, do I draw a card when he goes to the discard pile due to his Hoppity Hip! triggering?

  12. I have a couple of questions. Can I use two of the abilities highlighted in brown at the same time?

    When I use a character card, I can only choose between attack, gain lore and use the ability?
    Or I can Gain Lore and Use the ability highlighted in brown at the same time?

    • It depends on which card and ability you are referring to for me to answer you better. In general, you can only use 1 ability at 1 time, then you are able to use the other ability after you have finished using the first one.

      You can choose to challenge, quest, or using an ability, you dont have to pick only 1. But challenging and questing both require you to exert a character, so typically you can only pick 1 of these 2 each turn, unless you have a way to ready your character. As for using an ability, if the ability does not require you to exert the character, you can for example, choose to challenge and use the ability of a character in the same turn. However if you have to exert the character to use the ability, then you can only choose 1, since you can typically only exert a character once per turn, unless you have an ability to ready that character.

      Hope this helps!

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