Team Lorcana Q&A – 2nd session Answers

The 2nd Team Lorcana Q&A is now over and we have alot more questions answered including card rulings, lore values on cards and more!

Note: All ruling related answers have been updated into the Mushu Report Wiki under Category: Card Rulings, which also provide the direct links to the source for the rulings.

Here are all the questions and answers from the Team Lorcana: Q&A 2nd session held earlier today answered by Lorcana co-designer Steve Warner!!!

Card Rulings

Questions Answers
Answering this here because a number of questions came in about it. If a card says to choose a character, it can choose ANY character including itself!
If The Beast is Mine! is used on Stitch – New Dog, then on the next turn, Stitch – Rock Star is Shifted over Stitch – New Dog, does Stitch – Rock Star still under the effect of Reckless? Yes Stitch – New Dog will still be under the effect of Reckless. Shifting does not remove effects that are on that character!
Broom banishes Cruella in combat while Mickey is on field. Broom is also banished in the same combat. Cruella targets Mickey to return to hand. How do the effects resolve? Will the Broom return to hand? Broom and Cruella are banished in the challenge.

Mickey and Cruella effects both trigger.

Mickey effect resolves first, since that is the active player’s card (they resolve all of their effects).

Cruella’s effect resolves since active player has no more effects to resolve.

How does Reckless work?

Does it prevent the Character from Singing or using an Exert effect because it MUST Challenge?

Or does the “if able” text allow for those effects to resolve?

Reckless characters can do ANYTHING other than Quest, which includes Singing or Exerting for an ability!
1) If I have challenged with a princess like Ariel, and I ready it thanks to the effect of Moana, can I challenge again with Ariel? (Question due to the rule 1 action per character).
2) During my turn, if my cruella challenges and is ban, can i apply its effect ?
1) There isn’t a limit to actions per turn. If you find a way to ready a character, they can exert to perform another action (in this case, they are prevented from questing) but they can sing or challenge still.

2) She has to be challenged for her ability to work.

Can a character’s Strength go below zero? For example, if you cast Control Your Temper on Cheshire Cat. What happens if you try and buff his Strength through another card effect? All modifiers to a character’s strength are applied at the same time and then calculated.
If I Quest with Moana #1 and trigger her ability to ready up the Ariel. Can I Quest with Moana #2? Does Moana’s ability for no Questing count for ALL Princess everywhere, or just the ones you ready up? Moana – Of Motunui lets you ready your other Princesses, but she also says they can’t quest for the rest of the turn. In this example, you “could” ready Ariel, but regardless of what you choose, all of your Princesses won’t be able to quest any more that turn.


Can we get the currently missing the Lore amounts on the following cards that have been spoiled please:

Goofy Daredevil
Tigger Wonderful Thing
Aladdin Prince Ali
Lady Tremaine Wicked Stepmother

Goofy Daredevil: 2
Tigger Wonderful Thing: 2
Aladdin Prince Ali: 1
Lady Tremaine Wicked Stepmother: 1
Don’t forget these as well!

Sergeant Tibbs – Courageous Cat
Cerberus – Three-Headed Dog

Sergeant Tibbs – Courageous Cat: 1
Cerberus – Three-Headed Dog: 1
Will we have any more board clear / board target cards for this expansion to deal with aggresive / Ward decks? It’s best to be prepared for cards like that in trading card games… but more information will come in the future.
I’m sure there are some future cards that might help, but how can I deal with my opponent’s cards if they all have ward? It can feel like I can’t interact at all with them at times. Questing with your characters can force your opponent to have to deal with them, so there are times you can approach strategy from that angle. And you’re right… future cards might help.
Do you feel “stacks” happen in this game as often and frequently as other games? (E.g MTG). I’m specifically wondering if the more advanced concepts of timing a move, or getting your sequence right will have an effect. There will be more complete rules to come at a later time that will get into that.
How do you make gantu worthwhile in your deck when it seems lackluster as the small attack creatures will just quest instead? Gantu gives you the safety of choosing which challenges you want to take on. Keep in mind that if your opponent is flooding the board, not giving them the option to remove your characters can be pretty strong.


What is your preferred way to play? Do you enjoy 1v1 more or playing with more than 2 people?

Any tips or strategies for playing a multiplayer game?

Playing Disney Lorcana is kinda like Pizza…  There are many different styles, but they’re all good. 🍕

As for the best tips in multiplayer, Diplomacy, Trickery, and a good shield. 🛡️😉

Is rarity a metric to use to determine overall card power or card complexity? For example, other games put the more mechanically complex cards at higher rarities, while also using rarity as a dial to tune power. Complexity or showing aspects of a card that are maybe a little more different than what they would normally be (vague, for now, sorry) are factors that help determine rarity. But! That said, it doesn’t mean that the card has to be “stronger.”
My question was never answered from the last Q&A…. Are the oversized cards like Hades and Mulan from the Gift Set tournament legal? And will there ever be enough oversized cards for me to run a whole deck of large and in charge cards? These oversized cards are not tournament legal, but I do hope there will be enough to make a full deck someday. 🤣
What’s your favorite card shown so far based on art alone? Out of what’s been revealed… Stitch – Rock Star. Now, out of all of The First Chapter… [redacted].

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