Snuggly Duckling, Gunther & More Tangled Cards!

We just got a bunch of Tangled cards… Where dreams do come true for some folks! Themed reveals are great!

These cards are shared by Laughing Place!

Snuggly Duckling – Disrespectable Pub
2 Cost | Ruby | Location
Move Cost 2 | Willpower 9 | Lore 0
ROUTINE RUCKUS: Whenever a character with 3 strength or more challenges another character while here, gain 1 lore. If the challenging character has 6 strength or more, gain 3 lore instead.


3 Cost | Ruby | Action
Banish chosen character with 2 strength or less.
There are two ways to leave the snuggly Duckling – the door or the window.


Gunther – Interior Designer
4 Cost | Emerald | Character
Strength 3 | Willpower 3 | Lore 2
Dreamborn · Ally
SAD-EYED PUPPY: Whenever this character is challenged and banished, each opponent chooses one of their characters and returns that card to their hand.
“I hate to cover this trap door. It really pulls the room together!”


Tor – Florist
5 Cost | Emerald | Character
Strength 4 | Willpower 7 | Lore 1
Dreamborn · Ally
They say that his arrangements are exquisite,
His composites and bouquets are so divine.
But when the crowds try to come and visit,
There’s always quite a fight to form a line.


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