Sherwood Forest – Outlaw Hideaway

Robin Hood is getting his very own hideaway this coming Shimmering Skies and it gives Emerald Ink lots of possibilities!

This card reveal comes from the official Disney Lorcana stream of the Bochum Challenge!

Sherwood Forest – Outlaw Hideaway
2 Cost | Emerald | Location
Move Cost 2 | Willpower 7 | Lore 0
FOREST HOME: Your characters named Robin Hood may move here for free.
FAMILIAR TERRAIN: Characters gain Ward and “Exert, 1 ink – Deal 2 damage to chosen damaged character” while here. (Opponents can’t choose them except to challenge.)


This card is definitely interesting since we already have 2 Emerald ink Robin Hoods, including Robin Hood – Timely Contestant that we just got last week. Furthermore if you choose to play Emerald Steel (Who hasn’t tried it yet for set 4?), you get access to Robin Hood – Champion of Sherwood as well! And who knows, maybe we get even more Robin Hood characters for Shimmering Skies?

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