Set 3 OP Kit & New Card Names

The OP Kit instructions for set 3 is out and we got new card names including new location cards and even the Sheriff of Nottingham himself!

The set 3 OP Kit instructions is now up on Ravensburger’s site and was first spotted by Christian!

The kit largely contains details for how stores can conduct their Disney Lorcana League activities, including the promotional items that will be given out and how to make use of them. Here are the key updates to note for set 3!

These are the league prizes for Into the Inklands, including promo cards confirmed for:

  • How Far I’ll Go
  • John Silver – Greedy Treasure Seeker
  • Kit Cloudkicker – Tough Guy
  • Jolly Roger – Hook’s Ship
  • Sheriff of Nottingham – Corrupt Official
  • Stitch – Covert Agent

The OP Kit prizes will include pins of Stitch – Covert Agent and Sheriff of Nottingham – Corrupt Official, and for the first time ever will include card sleeves of Dalmatian Puppy – Tail Wagger!

Points are awarded for singing up for a League event, for winning matches and teaching people how to play Disney Lorcana as always. The highlights however are in the additional points that can be obtained as these include even more card names for new cards in Into the Inklands!

Based on the points, the new cards mentioned in the additional points include:

  • McDuck Manor (Location)
  • Maid Marion (Character)
  • Nala (Character)
  • Pride Lands (Location)
  • Robin’s Bow (Item)
  • Nottingham (Location)
  • The Queen’s Castle (Location)
  • Thaddeus E. Klang (Character)
  • Captain Amelia (Character)
  • RLS Legacy (Location)

The additional points also mention these cards which are already available in Lorcana, though it is currently undetermined if there will be another version of them in Into the Inklands.

According to the document, the prizes are given out as follows.

At the end of each round of League Play (4 weeks):

  1. Signing up for a League:
    • Jolly Roger – Hook’s Ship promo cards
  2. Awarded to players who have at least 3 points:
    • How Far I’ll Go promo cards
    • John Silver – Greedy Treasure Seeker promo cards
    • Kit Cloudkicker – Tough Guy promo cards
  3. To the winner of the League and randomly to 3 players:

At the end of the League Season (12 weeks):

  1. Top 6 participants with the most points: Lore Counters
  2. To 8 random participants with at least 12 points: Card Sleeves
  3. To random participants with at least 8 points: Disney Lorcana logo pins
  4. To random participants with at least 8 points: Any remaining prizes

For more details for Into the Inkland’s OP Kit, check out the full details linked here.

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