[Rulings] How Reckless works

Wonder how Reckless from that new The Beast is Mine! card works? Here’s everything you need to know!

We first got The Beast is Mine! from GAMA Expo where it was shown off at the booth and it introduced a brand new keyword “Reckless” which a character with Reckless cannot quest and must challenge if able.

The way that Reckless works has been a point of discussion over the past few days, but thanks to the help of Citizens of Lorcana, he helped us to get verbal confirmation and a DM from Steve Warner, co-designer for Lorcana on how it works!

Reckless is a Keyword which prevents Characters from questing and they must Challenge if able.

If a character is ready, has Reckless and nothing is preventing them from challenging, they must challenge. The turn cannot be ended if the character with Reckless is ready and there is a viable character to challenge.

A character with Reckless is still able to sing for Song cards or use its Ability. If that character with Reckless has been Exerted due to singing for a Song card or due to an Ability, that character will not be required to challenge as long as it is exerted at the end of the turn.

If there is no suitable character for a character with Reckless to challenge, the Reckless state is removed at the end of the turn.

  • DM from Steve Warner

Rulings obtained with assistance from Citizens of Lorcana

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