Robin’s Bow

It’s finally my turn to shine with an Into the Inklands card reveal, but it’s probably not what you were thinking of…

This is a card reveal from us at Mushu Report, with big thanks to Team Lorcana for this opportunity! On with the card!

Robin’s Bow
3 Cost | Emerald | Item
 Exert – Deal 1 damage to chosen damaged character or location.
A BIT OF A LARK: Whenever a character of yours named Robin Hood quests, you may ready this item.
“The forest always provides just what you need.”
– Robin Hood


Robin’s Bow is the latest item reveal for Into the Inklands, which help Emerald Decks get to deal consistent damage every turn. Even though the target has to be already damaged to be chosen by Robin’s Bow, this is the first Item card that allows you to deal damage every turn without paying any ink for the ability.

Robin’s Bow works especially well in a deck that plays Beast – Relentless as Robin’s Bow would allow you to to trigger his Second Wind ability to ready Beast – Relentless, thereby allowing you to quest or challenge even more.

In addition, Robin’s Bow 2nd ability allows you to ready Robin’s Bow as long as you quest with a Robin Hood!

Currently we have 3 options for Robin Hood, with the latest being Robin Hood – Daydreamer which was just revealed last week by The Illumiteers! Robin Hood – Daydreamer is similarly Emerald ink and a nice option to consider, since he is currently the lowest cost character with 4 lore with no additional conditions attached.

That said, 3 Robin Hoods spread out over 3 different inks do make the choices rather limited so I do hope that we will get more in the future. Currently there is still 1 more slot in Into the Inklands at number 83, if we are due to get another Emerald Robin Hood, so here’s hoping!!

For a full list of all Into the Inklands cards, check out the card list and table linked below!
Into the Inklands card list
Into the Inklands card table

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