RLS Legacy’s Cannon

Like the Ba-Boom! card? Now you get to use John Silver’s cannons again and again!

This card reveal comes from The Hobbyist Novice!

RLS Legacy’s Cannon
3 Cost | Steel | Item
Exert, 2 ink, Discard a card – Deal 2 damage to chosen character or location.
“So help me, I’ll use the ship’s cannons to blast ya all to kingdom come!”
– John Silver


This card directly references Ba-Boom!, and provides a similar effect too! Only difference is the RLS Legacy’s Cannon is an Item card that allows you to use the same ability to deal 2 damage every single turn, by exerting, paying 2 ink and discarding a card.

This card can be tough to use since it is uninkable, and to get the first “Ba-Boom!” ability off, you will need a total of 5 ink. However it is definitely a nice card to add to the list of Treasure Planet cards we currently have in Lorcana, and converting any card to dealing 2 damage can be a useful play in the long run!

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